TITANIST has been supported in the backyards of various industries as a highly functional antibacterial, sanitizing, antiviral, and deodorizing coating spray for commercial use. In response to many requests, we have started general sales of TITANIST. The contents and concentration of the ingredients are the same as those for professional use. You can easily and safely experience the power of titanium coating at home.

3 features of Titanist

Feature 1

Effectiveness recognized by a third-party Japanese organization

Bacteria decomposition/removal
Virus inactivation
Odors decomposition/removal

Effectiveness of Titanist

Staphylococcus aureus
antibacterial test
No bacterial growth after 4 days
Deodorant effect test
(cigarette/exhaust pipe)
99.9% reduction in 7 hours

Safety recognized by a third-party Japanese organization

Primary skin irritation test No irritation
Eye irritation test No Irritation
Acute oral toxicity test No abnormality

Feature 2

Special coating for long-lasting effects

Unlike ordinary disinfectant/deodorant sprays, TITANIST prevents bacteria and viruses from adhering to it, making it effective on a continuous basis.


The moment TITANIST micro-mist is sprayed, a strong titanium coating is applied.


The reaction between TITANIST's titanium coating and light (photocatalytic effect) decomposes various bacteria at the source and neutralizes viruses.

Feature 3

Gentle to babies and pets, and completely free of alcohol, fragrances, etc.

赤ちゃんやペットにもやさしい アルコールや香料など完全不使用 赤ちゃんやペットにもやさしい アルコールや香料など完全不使用

From the viewpoint of safety, TITANIST excludes chemical ingredients contained in many disinfectant/deodorant sprays and uses only water and water-soluble titanium dioxide. In a biological test conducted by a third-party organization (Japan Food Research Laboratories) in accordance with the standards specified by the Japanese government, TITANIST's water- soluble titanium dioxide has been proven to not cause any irritation or oral toxicity to skin, eyes, or mouth.

Alcohol-free. It can be used on materials and in places where alcohol cannot be used.

Comparison of usable locations


※1 When metals are disinfected with sodium hypochlorite, residual ingredients may corrode the metal.
※2 Spray on a rag or similar, rather than directly spraying, and then wipe it.

TITANIST can be used everywhere
Recommended usage example

We recommend the following sanitizing and deodorizing spots, especially for items that are difficult to wash or areas that are difficult to clean.

We really recommend its use on these places!

POINT.01Air conditioning filters

Many people are concerned about the unpleasant smell of mold and fungus growing on air conditioner filters, which are difficult to clean. By spraying regularly, you can prevent mold and bacteria, as well as unpleasant odors.

POINT.02Pillows & mattresses

While it is easy to wash covers, it is not easy to wash bedding such as mattresses and pillows. You don't want to go to bed covered in germs and odors, do you? If you are concerned about them, we recommend spraying regularly.


Denim is a material that you probably don't feel comfortable washing frequently. TlTANIST sanitizes denim without damaging the fabric and prevents the reattachment of bacteria.

POINT.04Toilet floors and walls

Titanium coating of floors and walls provides a long-lasting deodorizing effect. It is also good for cleaning plastic toilet seats, which is difficult with alcohol, and for preventing norovirus.

POINT.05Cat litter

With its micro-mist, TITANIST can sterilize and deodorize your cat’s toilet without hardening the cat litter. It is safe even if it comes in contact with your cat's paws or mouth.


The insides of shoes are usually rarely cleaned. TITANIST solves these problems and keeps your feet clean every day.

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